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Clients are Saying

I want to thank Damon very much for all of his hard work in connection with the very successful sale of our property… From the moment we met and he made suggestions about what remained to be done to put the house of the market, I knew I had made the correct decision to use him and Zephyr. All of his recommendations were right on. Not living in San Francisco made it difficult for me to ride herd on the contractor and make sure his final work was done satisfactorily. Damon did that job for me, and he probably was more attentive to detail than I would have been. I also appreciate his coming up with additional workers who were able to finish things that were not part of my arrangements with the contractor. I owe him thanks for being careful about how my money was spent -- he did a great job of finding vendors who were not the most expensive, but were certainly the most cost-effective. I have had many real estate transactions over the course of my life, and I have never encountered an agent who worked as hard as Damon did. I am truly grateful.
—Bob W.